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CO2Stats helps you make your website green, energy-efficient, and carbon neutral.
CO2Stats is an easy-to-use service that makes your website carbon neutral and energy-efficient, and that provides certification that you have taken steps to make your site environmentally friendly. Your website has a carbon footprint and for this reason, it contributes to climate change. Your site has a carbon footprint because electricity is required to power the servers that host your website, the computers used to view it, and the global networks that connect them. Much of that electricity is created from the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, oil and natural gas, all of which emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. While many people may assume that websites have negligible carbon footprints, that is not the case. According to studies, the global carbon emissions due to information and communications technology are greater than those of the entire aviation industry. In fact, studies suggest that infotech as a whole may contribute 2% of the world's carbon emissions, and many expect it to grow significantly in the next decade. Your website contributes to that massive global footprint. CO2Stats makes it easy for you to make your website more environmentally friendly, using a software suite that helps you to make your site energy-efficient and carbon neutral.
CO2Stats uses a comprehensive measurement and management methodology.
At its core, CO2Stats is a novel software suite that automatically (1) monitors your site's energy usage, (2) gives you tips on how to make your site more energy-efficient (and load faster), and (3) purchases the appropriate amount of audited renewable energy from wind and solar farms. Like "hacker proof" trustmarks used by many websites to secure online payments, CO2Stats software continuously scans your website so that it can monitor your site's energy usage each time someone visits your site. CO2Stats is very smart, and is able to capture a large amount of data about your site's total energy consumption. For example, it can tell what class of computer your visitor is using, how long they stay, and even what types of fossil fuels are being burned in order to power that computer. Likewise, it is able to calculate what type of energy your server is using, and even the amount of energy being used to power the networks that are connecting your visitors' computers with your servers. With all these data, CO2Stats is able to calculate the combined carbon emissions of the servers, networks, and visitors' computers that supported your website. Our staff of research scientists has spent years building extensive databases on server, personal computer and network energy consumption, as well as on fossil fuel usage all over the world. Our team has developed detailed, patent-pending calculators based on industrial and governmental data that has made our software the gold standard in environmental footprint monitoring for the web. You can see the results of these calculations live in your CO2Stats certificate, which you can reach by clicking on your "Green Certified Site" badge at any time.
CO2Stats gives you access to audited green energy.
At the end of every month, CO2Stats tallies your website's fossil fuel consumption for that month, and then automatically purchases the appropriate amount of renewable energy from wind and solar farms to compensate. CO2Stats does not purchase carbon offsets. It purchases renewable energy certificates from third-party wind and solar farms that have had these certificates audited (e.g., under the EPA-endorsed Green-e program). Renewable energy certicates are contracts with wind and solar farms that require those farms to produce precise amounts of renewable energy and to pump that energy onto the electrical grid so that "dirty" sources of electricity (like coal and gas) are utilized less. By pumping that electricity onto the grid, CO2Stats is able to displace the CO2 derived from fossil fuels that powered your site the previous month, thus neutralizing your site's carbon footprint.
CO2Stats helps your website load faster.
Every day, our software scans your website to find ways that you can make it more energy-efficient. CO2Stats gives you a report about how you can improve your site's energy efficiency without changing its appearance. In only a few minutes, you can make your site 100% energy efficient. If you make regular changes to your site, you can use CO2Stats to make sure that it is always operating efficiently. An efficient site has faster download times too, which means a better experience for your visitors.
CO2Stats is easy to set up.
CO2Stats is very easy to set up. Once you subscribe, you will be given a link to a web page where you can customize the color of your "Green Certified Site" badge. Once you have picked colors that match your website, you will receive a short string of code that you can copy-and-paste into the html code of your website. Wherever you paste the code, your badge will appear and that code will begin to call the CO2Stats suite of software that we maintain for you here on our servers. Setting up CO2Stats is that simple. It will not interfere with the other code on your website, and it is so simple to install that even non-technical people are able to do it. We also have a support staff you can contact 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for assistance should you require it.
With CO2Stats, you can use any web host.
With CO2Stats, you can use any web hosting provider you want. Green web hosts only make the servers on which your files sit green, and many don't even provide proof of that. CO2Stats is a turnkey solution for making your ENTIRE website experience green, from your visitors computers to the servers and the networks that connect them, WITHOUT needing to switch web hosts.
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